500bp with high britane fuel

After being hit by a car 9 months ago, suffering busted up ligaments an nerves in my foot, then a stress fracture from overuse a few months later, I am back! 20 hrs. of running in Nov., and looking to increase in December.  1st race next week.
Running mountains, tempo runs, and nice long weekend runs have hopefully prepared me!

Right now its 500bp with high britane fuel!  Never been so excited about running! I appreciate it now more than ever and thought I would share.

Nice to see some of the same folks from earlier this year on wp sharing their trail running experiences as well.
Maybe I will have a story to share next week.

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Listening to my wife

I had to take a break.  Without being too melodramatic, being unable to run for two months had me down.  Since February 1st, I had only run three times.  The first one was around the end of February.  I went out for 8.5 miles on a local trail.  March 3rd, I went out and did another 4.5 miles.  March 9th, I did an ambitious 13 miler.  I hurt pretty bad during and after these runs to the point I would have to take ibuprofen for days, limp around and not put any pressure on my foot.

This was not a “run through it” kind of injury.  Finally, after two months, I started listening to my wife, who has now assumed the role of my personal trainer.  She got tired of hearing me whine and complain about not being able to run.  “Ok, I’m in charge now.  You can’t run until April 1st.  When you go out on April 1st, you will go for 1.5 miles.  You will rest one day.  If everything feels okay, you can go out for 3 miles on April 3rd.  After that, if you feel ok, you can go out for 4 miles etc.”, she says.

So after 2 months of re-injuring myself, I decided to listen.  So far so good.  Either today or tomorrow I will venture out for my 4 miler.  I’ve been feeling pretty good.  I actually “zoned out” on my 3.2 mile run yesterday and ran for a mile or so without thinking about my foot and how I aught to maneuver over stumps and roots.

I only gained around 5 lbs. and my time for the 3 miler was the same pace as I used to run my 10 miler on the same trail, so I haven’t lost any speed.  It may take me a few weeks to get back to the speed/distance, but I don’t care.  I’m running again!


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The Week that was (3/10/13)

Well this week flew by! I barely stopped to take it all in.  Here is the sum. Until Saturday, I had not run a single mile.  I felt like I was all but healed until I tried an ambitious 13 mile road run Saturday.  Bad move!  8 miles in to the run my foot was hurting.  10 mils in, I was in agony and had come to a crawl.  I think I finally learned my lesson on running while injured.  Also, Amanda has taken the training reins.  She is now going to tell me how far and fast I can run until I am fully recovered.  This is what I need or I will continue to push.

So here is my plan for the remainder of 2013.  Originally, my goals were to smash my PR‘s in 10-13 mile races.  I wanted to hit 1:28 half marathon and 1:02 in a local 10 miler by November.  On the trail side, I just wanted to find the toughest hill courses I could find and do the best I could.  Finally, I wanted to hit 1800 miles this year, then shoot for 2000 in 2014.

Change of plans.  Here is how I am going to adjust.  2013 is going to now be the year of the 5k and 10k.  I am going to start training with a lot of tempo runs and speed work on April 1.  This will allow my foot to rest from the pounding of the longer runs.  Plus, I can stop if something feels off…hard to do that on a 13 mile out and back.  My goal is to run my first race on June 29th.  I posted the link below.  It is the USATF 10k Trail Championships.  Lots of really strong runners there.  I have run it the past 2 years.  Just to run in the same race as some of these guys is awesome.  This year the course has a 30% downhill followed by a 20% uphill.  The race director is actually wondering ifit is too hard.  Check out the link.


Anyway, while I still have some speed, I thought shifting gears to dedicate a year to shorter races would be fitting, since my distance goals are pretty much shot for the year.  2013 will be the year I break 18 min. 5k and 38 min. 10k.  Next year I will be 40 years old.  This may be the last year that I train like this, but for now, I am really excited.  I can hit the weights, the pool, and the track, and not feel like I am losing miles.  Being out for 2 months has already taken care of that 🙂

Please share if you have had to change your goals based on circumstances.  I would love to hear about it.
And this was, the week that was.

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The Week that Was (March 3, 2013)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I appreciate running.  With over a month off, I realize what a big part it plays in my life.  That said, I decided to sum up my week on Sunday’s with “The Week That Was”.  I liked that name because it reminds me that I can never get it back and I should make the most of every week.  Not just in regards to running, but in every aspect of my life.  You never know when you may get hit by a car or something  🙂  But also, I don’t want to focus too far ahead in my running schedule, but just run how long, far, fast I can for THAT day.

What I thought would be a quick recovery, has turned out to be a real bear.  Every week I have anticipated a triumphant return, only to experience severe pain a mile or two in to my runs, setbacks, and slow recovery.  Anyway, here is the week that was for March 3rd.

I had two days off of work mid-week this week.  I eagerly anticipated ‘trying out’ my foot on a trail run this past Wednesday.  The good news is that on my first trail run back, I ran 8.5 miles, which on this trail, is more like 9.5, but who’s counting.  My foot started hurting within a mile or two, but it was tolerable.  By mile 5, I was in pretty bad pain.  One thing about a trail is that once you are out there, you have to make it back.  Anyway, I made it back, my last mile was around 10 min. pace.  This particular trail, I am used to running 8:15-9:00 min miles, but to be honest, I was just happy to have made the distance.  The speed will come back in time.

Long story short, I hurt pretty bad the remainder of Wednesday, felt better Thursday due to work done by an awesome chiropractor… the best manager I’ve ever worked for was let go on Friday (this hurt bad).  Saturday was family day.  Today, I managed to run another 4.5 miles on the trail and made a wise decision to turn back at the right time.

And that was, The Week That Was.

Here are some pics from the run on Wednesday.

IMAG0107 IMAG0109 IMAG0110 IMAG0111 IMAG0112 IMAG0113




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Checkin’ In

Well, last time I said I was back in business I spoke too soon.  I ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes that day and thought that was that.  Little did I know I would wake up with twice the pain as the day before and set myself back a week.  Man I’m stubborn sometimes.

The good news is that I believe this weekend I will be able to finally go for a test run.  I’m going to help out with a local trail race Saturday and give back a little to my favorite trail.  If all goes well, I may stroll for a few miles and see how I feel.  Hopefully next week I will have some pictures to share.

I don’t ever want to get hit by a car again!  EVER!

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Back in Business

After a total of 9 days off, during which there was meticulous calorie counting and constantly fighting the urge to whine, I got on the elliptical machine today.  I did 45 minutes on the highest resistance level (to try to emulate a hill).  You’ve got to understand something.  I can’t remember EVER doing longer than 20 minutes on that stupid thing.  However, today I felt like Mr. Elliptical was my best friend.

As I started the workout, I noticed how the forefoot of my left foot wasn’t hurting at all.  I believe the reason why is because the separation between my legs puts all of the pressure on the inside of my foot toward my big toe.  This is the area that is NOT hurting.

Regardless, I really pushed as hard as possible.  I got winded and my legs felt the burn.  It was absolutely awesome!  My new goal is to be back on the trail by the 16th.

There is always something to gain from a bad experience:

  1. Opportunity to get back to an extremely healthy diet.  Lots of raw veggies and fruit, less coffee, lots of water, yogurt, and nothing fried.
  2. A nagging injury in my upper hip (maybe hip flexor) subsided.
  3. Much needed break from running.  Only a handful of times have I had more than 3 days off in over 2 1/2 years.
  4. Valuable sleep.  Like 9 hours per night.
  5. More weekend time with my family.
  6. Core workouts started again (mainly push ups and sit ups)
  7. Caught up on some reading as well.

We never plan on having an injury (especially like this), but remembering these positives could make it more bearable, should injuries occur.

See you on the trail!


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Hit by a Car (Day 8 – Not there yet)

I woke up this morning, excited and believing I would go for a 2-3 mile “test” run.  My wife said, that could easily turn in to 7-8.  Who?  Me?  Never!

Anyway, not there yet.  I can put 100% weight on my foot now, but not without pain.  I still have bruising in my forefoot.  Hey, maybe I can change back to heel toe for a week or so?  All these thoughts go through your head when your injured.

I have decided to wait until Monday to see if I could go for that run.  I have a half marathon trail race coming up on the 23rd.  The first 7 miles are uphill and the last 6 are downhill.  Sooooo, really don’t want to miss it, but questioning what kind of shape I’ll be in two weeks from now.  Especially if I end up taking another week off.

This whole experience will be a faint memory as soon as I get back out there, so patience Brian, patience!

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